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Hello cutting edge. Goodbye cookie-cutter.

Launch a website that’s easily updatable and maintainable on your own custom theme. The best of WordPress meets enterprise design and development.


WordPress powers 28.3% of the internet due to a successful balancing act between user-friendly content management and developer flexibility. The common knock on a platform that uses themes? “Your site will look cookie-cutter.” Below are a few reasons Evanston Avenue sites don’t:

HTML Markup from Scratch

WordPress has plenty of developer hooks to return custom elements anywhere on the page.

JavaScript Library Support

WordPress has no less support for the most cutting edge JavaScript libraries than any other custom platform. Need an interactive React.js or Vue.js component on your page? Not a problem.

Full-stack Expertise

Access to server-side PHP, JavaScript, stylesheets, and MySQL literally allows the means for any full-stack integration.

Hosting & Maintenance

One of Evanston Avenue’s highest-value offerings is in the form of hosting and maintenance. I strongly recommend choosing one of our hosting and maintenance packages to every client I do business with. There are four huge benefits:

  1. Cost savings. You get the best cloud hosting for the money.
    I always recommend VPS hosting over shared hosting to any serious business using WordPress. Digitalocean offers the best VPS hosting performance for the price, as compared to AWS, Bluehost, or WordPress- specific solutions like WP Engine. The catch? It’s built for developers which creates a barrier to entry for the average business or WordPress developer.
  2. Scalability. This architecture allows a business to start on a smaller scale with appropriate pricing. However, if your business takes off, your website can quickly scale server size, or even move to a multiple server, load-balanced setup. No business can afford to turn away users at the height of their popularity.
  3. A single point of contact. Whatever your ongoing needs may be for your website, you can contact Evanston Avenue and know that everything will be taken care of right away. You know who you’re working with.
  4. Expertise. A monthly plan is your safety net in knowing you have a senior-level, web architect at your fingertips with a history of developing and deploying enterprise applications.


Already have a team working on your project, but need some extra technical expertise? I offer WordPress consulting to existing teams creating, revamping, or fixing in-house projects.

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